Alberto Tolomelli

Alberto Tolomelli


Communication Design

@ Politecnico di Milano



A series of timelapses that I realized on August 2015 during a joruney in Iceland. Jaw-dropping landscapes, extreme weather conditions and five guys: Alberto, Marco, Giovanni, Damiano and Giovanni.

A bunch of timelapses shot around Croatia and Bosnia using my Nikon D7100.


This is a video-project that I have made with two other students from Politecnico di Milano. The final goal  of the course was the realization of an animated short film describing  a story. Our story was related to an Italian proverb “Don’t bother the sleeping dog”.

In our short film the main characters are a mouse and of course, a dog. The characters were inspired by the famous cartoon “Tom & Gerry” by Hanna and Barbera. All the models and the animations shown in the video were realized by using Autocad 3ds Max.



This project was part of a deeper analysis on how

colours, shapes, texture and simplifications change our

perception of things. The center of my study was the

pictograms of a walkie talkie. It was the project for a

course of Visual Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2015.




Alberto Tolomelli
Alberto Tolomelli