Durbovnik Game of Thrones set location tour – What you need to see.

If you are looking for the Game of Thrones set location in Dubrovnik, here are some hints.

As many of you know, Dubrovnik was chosen as set for the last Game of Thrones TV series, specifically for the city of “King’s Landing”. The particular and unique landscape of the Croatian city makes it a perfect choice for King’s Landing.
I am going to report here the most famous locations.


The tour: what you need to see


1. Park Gradak

Part of the park, located west of the Fortress, was used as filming location for Joffrey’s royal wedding.
You can see the area used also from the top of the fortress.

From the Fort

From the Fort

Park Gardak - Game of Thrones











Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress

Fort Loverijnac is a fortress and theater located outside the western wall. Many scenes were shot here. On the terraces of the fort is set a scene from the first episode of the second season “The North Remembers” (02×01)
Here’s a shot from the Fort and one from the TV show:


RAW w8690

Fort Lovrijenac






3. The dock

Just under Fort Lovrijenac

RAW w8662

The dock


Here’s a frame from the TV show:




4. The Walls 

From the walls you can see some of the locations used for some shots. From Daeneris scene of the “House of the Undying”, to many other panoramic shots.
The tour of the walls requires a ticket but it deserve a visit, for sure: you can walk on the top of the walls that are very well keept, and they cover a huge area of the city.


The walls

The walls

5. The beach

 The small beach (that can be reached from the Pile Gate) was used while filming Myrcella farewell to King’s Landing, when she is going to leave for Dorne.

RAW w8668

6. Pile Gate.

The western gate of the old town. Many scenes during all the seasons were filmed here.

RAW w8431


Senza titolo-1



Other set:

7. Hotel Belvedere – Oberyn Martell vs Gregory ‘The Mountain” Clegane fightin scene

East of the old town. You need to take a bus, a taxi, or a car to reach it. Here’s few photos of from the original set.



A year of timelapses.

I’ve realized this timelapses between Italy and Austria in the last year with a GoPro Hero2. More than 10’000 photos for 3 minutes of video. Just: Vienna, Croce Arcana, Graz, Passo Sella, Sass Rigais, Lago Pratignano, Lago Scaffaiolo, Val di Luce.
Of course, you have to watch it in HD! :)


Via Ferrata Mesules

The second  Via Ferrata that I have made the last summer is  “Mesules” Via Ferrata.

We left our car at Passo Sella (2240mt) and after half-an-hour walking we reached the bottom of the Via Ferrata. The climbing was really tough till the beginning.
It’s a long path to the top, but totally worth it.  On the top of Piz Selva (2940mt) the enviroment is totaly wild and moonscape, nothing build by the man on sight, just a wooden cross.

Via Ferrata Sass Rigais

It’s weird to write about my last summer with minus 3 degrees outside of the window, but it’s never late to publish some photos.
The following pictures are from two hiking trip, both settled in the Italian Alps. There are many things in common, but the main one are two:  both of them are Vie Ferrate nearby Selva di Val Gardena.

The first one is “Sass Rigais” Via Ferrata.
We started the trip from  Santa Cristina where we borrowed the all the stuff for the Via Ferrata.
We took the to Col Raiser mountain dew. Then after 2 hours of walking we finally started the climbing. Sass Rigais Via Ferrata is quite simple, and we didn’t have many problems. After another 2 hours we reached the top of Sass Rigais (3025 m), and the view from the top is simply stunning.

Here few shots, hope you will enjoy! 😉



A one day trip in Appennino.

Hi everyone! This is my second post about a trekking journey this year. After a first exhausting excursion the second one has been… even more strenuous!
We have started from a small community near Fanano, Serrazzone. And after 12 hours of walking, 29 kilometers and after a different in height of about 1700 meters we came back to Serrazzone. I’ve taken some photos during the trek. Hope you will enjoy!



Hi everyone! I haven’t posted anything for a while because of many examinations that are stealing my time:P

I went to Florence some weeks ago to see Mumford & Sons exibition, but I couldn’t but visting the city!
I took some shots and some panoramas… Florence is always a wonderful city! But I felt and feel upset about how art is neglected in Italy. We hope that the mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, can make the most of artistc beauty of the city.

“Ponte Vecchio”

“Giardino Boboli” at Palazzo Pitti

“Giardino Boboli” at Palazzo Pitti

Appennino Modenese.

Val di Luce from Alberto Tolomelli on Vimeo.

Hi all!
This fall I made some excurisions up on Appennino Modenese, starting from Fiumalbo. Fiumalbo is a very carathersitich village, unspoiled by new buildings and resorts, because of two rivers that circumscribed it. Fiumalbo is on the slopes of Monte Cimone, the highest mountain of Nothen Appennino.
On the first day of our hike we walked throught Val di Luce and Passo d’Annibale ( one of the hundred places in Italy Annibale il Cartaginese was supposeed to cross Appennino with his elephants!) and we spent the night in Abetone. The video up there was shot in Val di Luce!

The others photo were shot near Lago Baccio, few from chilometers from Fiumalbo.

Tributo a Pif & Paul Baccaglini.

Si, questo post è in italiano ( una lingua che so parlare un po’ meno male dell’inglese!), perchè il video che vi propongo è un omaggio a un grandissimo VJ italiano, ovvero Pier Francesco Diliberto, in arte PIF.
In particolare a una puntata del suo programma più famoso “Il Testimone”, ovvero “Voglio fa’ l’Americano”.
E’ una puntata a cui sono “legato” per tanti motivi, ed è stata un po’ il nostro filo conduttore durante il viaggio nella West Coast.
Qui vi ripropongo il nostro personalissimo remake della mangiata allo stadio durante la partita di baseball nella “All you can eat Zone”. Ancora un enorme ringraziamento a Pif e a Paul… And keep going!

Tribute to: Pif & Paul Baccaglini from Alberto Tolomelli on Vimeo.


Hi all.
After many months I’ve edited my shots from my last holiday trip in Tenerife.
Tenerife is one of the biggest island in Canary Island, in the Atlantic Ocean. Weì’ve choosen that location for many reason, but first of all… for surfing! In all the island there are many surfers spot, beautiful beaches and isolated bay.

The video ( except for the last 2 timelapse) is entirely shot my GoPro Hero 2.

The music is Welcome Home by Radical Face ( Yes, Nikon spot.)

Enjoy, and again sorry for my bad english :)

Tenerife. from Alberto Tolomelli on Vimeo.